Marcus February 10th, 2022

As many have already said, Janet was a true force of nature who inspired, and terrified in equal measure, so many of us who passed through the CSCT. She was the kind of person who could find a spark of knowledge/creativity inside of you and 'nurture' it into something worth showing to the world (although, this often involved throwing enough kindling at it till something, anything, took hold). I can still recall the feeling of devastation that came with seeing the amount of red pen on a piece of writing returned from her, followed by the elation upon being told that it was actually quite good when we finally met in person. I also remember the 'academia vs industry' chat that many of us had with her upon starting our PhDs - I literally took one step inside the door and was informed that I was 'academia', I'm sure others had actual conversations! I chose my area of research so that I could learn from, and work with, her and have never looked back. Janet made an everlasting impact on everyone she met and she will be sorely missed. Marcus Johns (CSCT Alumnus, cohort '12)