Mirella February 13th, 2022

It is very hard to summarise in words the mark that Janet has left into my life. She has been a role model to me and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Working with her was great fun: she would encourage my crazy ideas and translate them into chemical formulas! I feel privileged to say that Janet was also a very good friend of mine and that we got closer and closer in the past years. Janet was a unique mixture of intelligence, curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, generosity, humour, empathy, dignity and much, much more. I enjoyed any moment we spent together. I loved talking with her about anything, from politics, to art, science, plants, cooking...basically it was impossible to run out of topics with her! I also loved that she was always ready for a ‘crazy adventure’, especially if it would involve wild swimming in cold waters, walking along a dramatic coastline (maybe ignoring a ‘do not cross/climb this fence’ sign), and (of course!) some good wine and delicious food! Janet was ‘annoyingly’ good at anything she would do! Not only was she an exceptionally successful academic, but she was also great at growing vegetables and any other sort of plants, she was great at knitting and crocheting, she was an artist and a stunning cook. For an Italian, it is very hard to admit that her handmade pasta was way better than mine, not to talk about her delicious pizza! I could never say no when she was in the mood for cooking and invited me for supper...and luckily she invited me thousand times! Janet has taught me many random things, ranging from how to swim in cold waters without getting a heart attack and what equipment to buy, to crocheting, to how make sourdough, ferment vegetables and much, much more. Most of all, Janet has taught me to live every bit of my life fully, enthusiastically, and bravely despite any aversion, while always encouraging, supporting and caring for those around me. The only way I have to properly thank her is to try my best to always follow her example.